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    This site is dedicated to all the sportsmen and sportswomen that understand the time and energy it takes to truly be successful in the art of hunting. Whatever game you choose to pursue, there are many techniques, or so called secrets, that many of us have learned over the years that can only be of value to the average hunter. With many basic tactics being common knowledge to the avid sportsman, there are far many more waiting to be learned.

    By opening the communication to the Midwest hunting community, we can all work together in becoming more successful hunters.

    For those of us who have grown up hunting the beautiful Midwest, the experiences have been plentiful - hunting pheasants with a good bird dog, just sitting in a tree stand on a brisk November morning of deer season waiting for the buck of your dreams, turning loose an anxious Walker coon hound to start a late night hunt, or the sound of a group of turkeys making their way to your blind. We have been blessed to experience all of this in what many people call “God’s Country.”

    Here at TheMidwestHunter.com we encourage everyone to share their experiences, whether it is through the message boards, photo galleries, or even an article you have written about a successful hunt or unique learning experience. We want to hear about it! Our goal is to not only be a learning center for the average hunter, but also encourage others to take full advantage of this wonderful sport called hunting. The future of hunting depends on all of us, so please share the experience of hunting with your children whenever possible.

    Remember to keep this a family friendly site, and please treat others with the same general respect we all know.

    Thanks again,
    TheMidwestHunter Staff.