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Thread: Pull behind tillers

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    Default Pull behind tillers

    I was wondering if anyone has used a pull behind tiller for a 4 wheeler and how it performed. Any info would help.

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    Default I have not used a pull along tiller....

    So I cannot say one way or another how they work for doing food plots. We do use a 38hp diesel John Deere compact tractor with a 60" tiller down in Houston, and I can say that this tractor has all it can do to turn the earth over with that size tiller. I guess my point is if you are working ground that has been worked for a long time I would not think you would have a problem, but if you are breaking new ground or tilling in the fall after weeds have grown all year, you may want to look at a disc or something more aggressive than a tiller. In our situation we disc then till, as the disc will get things cut and broke up a bit, then the tiller churns everything under. With some of the areas we plant, when we have to go just slightly up hill with the tiller running we can go 1-2 mph at best and this is pulling the RPM on the tractor down to about 1/2 of where is should be to keep the PTO speed at 540. We get it done, but the tractors are working. This is just my 2 cents, and the only thing I would be aware of is IMO you would not be able to till unbroken ground with a pull along tiller that is anything less than about 6-7 HP per foot of tiller in some the harder soils in Houston. Again I do not have any experience with a pull along, but lots of experience with a tiller on the tractor. Hope this helps.
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    check into a plot master.

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    If you are talking about pull behind roto good, they work great for gardens, but not so good at breaking new ground. Also they work pretty slow, so even if you had some good loose soil, doing a food plot of any good size (1 acre or more) it would take forever. There is a shop near here in Ellsworth that rents a disc cultivator/ cultipacker, seeder, and drag harrow on a trailer for $150 a day...thats the way I will be goin for a 2 1/4 acre plot.

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    Post Plot master

    Ive used the plotmaster and probably wont switch because of the facts that it tills, seeds, and cultipacts in one time if done properly.(HINT: use roundup prior to planting and clear debree)
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