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Thread: 10 gauge turkey loads

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    Default 10 gauge turkey loads

    Has anyone tried the hevi shot 13 turkey load in the 10 gauge ? I am out of old 10 gauge shells and looking for some new ones and wondering what everyone is using for 10 gauge turkey loads. There arent a lot out there anymore and they are mostly 2 oz. loads my older ones were all heavier just wanted some input one what people liked.

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    I toted the 10ga. during goose season while I didn't have a 12ga. and have only shot one turkey with it ever. I think the turkey shells we are some old Winchester ones number 2 shot I think.

    But I would think any shell will do the job on a turkey that has the correct load. I know you hate to hear it because it makes you spend more money but try whatever you can find and see what works best for you. Good think about turkeys is you only need a handful of shells all season including patterning the gun.
    Let us know what you end up picking up.
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