I have my Mathews Drenalin LD up for sale on eBay. I am selling because I upgraded to a z7 this year. I would love for this nice bow to go to a TMH member. I included the description of everything included as well as the link to eBay.


Up for auction is an all camo Mathews Bow, which has the 60-70 lb. limbs and 30" draw length. Bow is in excellent shape. There is some wear around the grip, which is normal for Mathews bows. I tried to get a picture of it, but is so small and unnoticeable that it is hard to see in the pictures. This is a great bow for beginners or experts alike. With it's large brace height it is very forgiving and makes an excelent target or hunting bow. The Bow comes with some great accessories. Everything included is listed below.

-Mathews Drenalin LD bow w/ 60-70 lb limbs and a 30" draw length. Limbs are adjustable and the draw length can be changed by swapping cams at your local Mathews dealer.

-Winners Choice florescent green and black cable and strings w/ G5 Meta peep sight installed

-Schaffer Mat-1 Gen-II camo drop away rest. Specically designed for Mathews Bows.

-Norway Industries String Tamer. The String Tamer quiets the shot, reduces hand shock, and eliminates string slap.

-Doinker A-Bomb 6" Stabilizer

-Mathews Harmonic Dampers and a Mathews Harmonic Stabilizer

-Flambeau hard bow case

-Extra Mathews factory string - never been shot

Any questions feel free to ask. I will ship so you will have it in time for Christmas. Thanks for looking.