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Thread: Mn Biggest Buck Challenge

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    Default Mn Biggest Buck Challenge

    Anybody enter this contest? I Know of a few people. Was held during the first gun season only.(might be wrong on that) Biggest doe. Biggest buck closest to 200lbs without going over(199.98 lbs winner). Biggest buck over 200lbs. Prizes were random to the placings except first prize $15,000.00 cash biggest over and $10,000.00 biggest under. Alot of other cool prizes. New proposed divisions on the web sight and looks to be running again in 2013.

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    Looks pretty cool
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    I didn't enter the contest, but did check the website out every couple of days. I don't remember the exact dates it ran. It ran through all the regular gun season in Minnesota but was over before muzzleloader season. It was pretty cool to see all the field dressed weights of deer taken through out Minnesota. I think the top buck was around 240# and the biggest doe was around 140#. I think??? Alot of pics also. Hopefully if the contest does well they will keep adding more weigh stations.

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