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Thread: Bow Hunting boots. Going away from rubber Knee boots... ?

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    Default Bow Hunting boots. Going away from rubber Knee boots... ?

    I need new bow hunting boots, and I am really growing tired of the rubber knee boots.

    I'm wondering what people think about other options of footwear?

    I get the rubber boot theory, but I've also had the thought that the rubber boots become a holder/grower/stinker on the inside. Wouldn't a more breathable boot make some sense too?

    I 'store' and air my boots outdoors as much as possible during the season. Wouldn't some scent application allow me to have a much more comfortable and warm boot?

    I know the Wildlife Research Center (mock scrape dripper guys) dvd mentioned not wearing them hunting... I think I'm goin that direction.

    soooo.. best option for bow hunting boots ?!? ready GO !

    p.s. My tactical crocs are reserved for deer draggin an post kill celebrations.
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    I wear Irish setters gun flints 1200gr all year round I never have a problem with scent they stay in my house till I go out hunting only time they are outside is the truck ride to the property!! I have plenty of deer come from down wind and never seem to have problems with scent control!!
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    I recently purchased a pair of Under Armour Brow Tine Boots for an upcoming hunting trip but have been wearing them to the bowstand to break them in...I am very happy so far. They are very light, comfortable and are made with gore tex. They also claim to have a scent control layer integrated into them...I tried on several pairs of boots at Cabelas before I bought these. They are available uninsulated or with 400 or 800 gram thinsulate. I have no regrets other than what I had to pay for them...

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    Default Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package

    This mid-priced crossbow from Barnett boasts a 315 feet per second (fps) arrow speed at 105 foot pounds (ft lbs) of energy which is on a par with some of the more expensive models. The ‘Jackal’ is a ‘quad limb’ compound crossbow with high power wheels to generate the power from a 150 lbs draw pull. The part-camouflage stock looks distinctly military in it’s design and it weighs in at just 7 lbs with a 32.5 inch overall length.

    The crossbow comes complete with 3 x 20 inch arrows, an accompanying quick release quiver and the standardised Picatinny mounting rail. It also features a smooth 3.5 lbs trigger pull, a 28mm red dot sight (making it easier for beginners or those who prefer not to use a scope) and a divided fore-grip for comfort. To top it off there’s a five year warranty from Barnett. You will get here

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    I have a pair of La Crosse Alpha Burleys. They fit great and very comfy.

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