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Thread: Going to try coyote for the 2nd time

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    Default Going to try coyote for the 2nd time

    Went coyote hunting a year ago, no luck. Going to try again two weekends from now.

    Any tips?

    Just ordered a FoxPro Hellfire, going to see how well that works.

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    Hey Aaron,

    The FOXPRO Hellfire is a great unit, I'm a big fan of it. If we could go back in time I would recommend a cheaper unit to start with -- an ICOtec GC300 or Primos Dog Catcher -- but you'll be happy with that caller!

    Can you give us more info? I'm only just seeing your thread now and it looks like this is an old one. :/

    Big-time Electronic Predator Call Enthusiast!

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